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Laboratory moving is a very specialized moving function. If you're contemplating a Lab move of any proportion then you really do need to speak with Quirk.

Quirk has been doing lab moves for over forty years. Nobody has the knowledge, expertise and finesse that the Quirk Project Management teams bring to the table.

You could have hundreds of thousands of dollars tied up in one single lab. Not to mention the expense and generation of results from the lab and its technicians. Many times the equipment is custom built to your own specifications and can't be replicated or better yet, your own personal design for this one product.

You have to have a company that knows how to plan, organize and coordinate with all the necessary vendors, technicians, testing, experiments and production that needs to be considered.

The coordination of the packing and tagging has to be specific to the technicians needs and must be done with minimal disruption to the goals of the lab and the company as a whole.

Quirk has created an alliance with Hudson Global Resources. H.G.R. is your one source service solutions provider for pharmaceutical facilities. H.G.R. offers you  Calibration/Verification Services, Validation Services, Qualification Services, Commissioning Services, S.O.P. Development, Preventive/Corrective Maintenance, Cleaning & Passivation, Uniformity Profiles, Life Extension Services, Modernization/Projects, Consultation/Feasibility Studies, Training, Leasing, Documentation Development and Depot Repair and Calibration Services.

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Quirk and Hudson Global Resources are joining forces to make your lab moves even more seamless for your technicians and process schedules. These combined services will truly give you one source for all your lab relocations. This union will satisfy all your lab relocation requirements and ease the stress of even the most discriminating of technicians.

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