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Have you considered your options regarding transference from paper to digital? Doing your imaging in house is expensive, labor intensive and requires considerable space.

In addition, regulatory and security mandates mean that these efforts require quality control procedures that will ensure the integrity of the documents being converted. Quirk has the knowledge and experience working with clients to meet the business needs for:

Sarbanes – Oxley Financial Documents
HIPPA Personal Patient Records
FDA – eSubmissions Clinical Studies (INDs, NDAs, etc.)
FDA – 21 CFR Part 11 Validation, E-Record, and E-Signature
JCAHO  Hospital Accreditation
DICOM Teleradiology & Legacy Film Libraries

Quirk Archive Imaging Center will convert your paper to DVD or CD for pennies a page.

We also help clients develop cost-effective solutions to implement the metadata and indexing strategies necessary to ensure that critical Intellectual Property (IP) assets are both secure and easily accessible. We provide turnkey software solutions as well as work with the on-site IT group to deliver the functionality that will best meet the client’s unique business needs.

Quirk Archive Imaging Center will convert your paper to DVD or CD for pennies a page. Ask us about converting your architectural drawings to digital as well. You can put your drawings on disk before sending them to the field or shop.

Did you know one DVD can hold up to 120,000 pages of paper at 200 DPI, 8.5" x 11"? This could eliminate approximately 400, 1.5 cubic foot boxes from your storage invoice.

Wouldn't it be easier to make a few clicks with your mouse than to root through dusty old boxes looking for a file? Rather than getting back to your client in a few days you can access their work while you're on the phone with them. You can e-mail a file while your discussing the situation.

We can provide it to you as an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) context. OCR gives you the ability to maintain the original document in it's original image and also provides you with editable text that you can use to create a new document without completely rebuilding it. Not only are your words converted to OCR but also non-text patterns.

Ask us about "de-skewing", "noise removal", "shade elimination", "line removal" and or "despeckeling" and you've got your paper back better than when you gave it to us. Thumb smudges, ink marks, copier lines can all be removed.

Scanned images are considered legal documents in most states now. You can e-mail it directly to your attorney or print it right at your desktop.

Request multiple disks and keep copies in several areas for safety. We'll always maintain a copy in our secured, fireproof lock-down area.

Archive imaging is not nearly as expensive as you thought and eliminates extra storage costs and retrieval.

Call Toll-free: 1-800-662-1687 Contact us and "Let Quirk Do The Work"

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