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This is the newest line of services that Quirk offers. We'll safely store your film library, freeing up valuable real estate, and scan on demand only those films your Radiologist wants to see.

We scan the films and send them via DICOM to any IP address or modem designated. Your Radiologist can then view the film on his or her desktop. With our software installed the various viewing possibilities are endless. Rotate, inverse and zoom up to 400%. You can measure angles, make case notes, take measurements and a lot more. Once you've got it, you'll store it in your organizations PACS, or if you don't operate a PACS, you can store up to tens of thousands of images in our mini PACS software.

We can provide you with the computers, medical grade monitors, software and do the installation as well. For less than $15,000.00 you can be operating a complete PACS. Install one in your OR.

Did you know that many hospitals lose up to 30% of their films by giving them to patients to take to another Doctor? That could result in a life threatening situation if the film becomes lost. To say nothing of the potential liability that the hospital could be faced with.

Need to have your patient take his/her films to a specialist? We will scan the film and burn them to a CD. The specialist will be able to view the films on any desktop computer due to the installed viewer within the CD. Your patient will pick up the CD from you and the practice will retain its film. Safe and secure.

Pick up from your location will be done via either FedEx or UPS.  Upon arrival the film containers will be transmitted and entered into our Archiving system. From your new roster detailing every container you'll e-mail us the PSSI (Patient, Study, Series, Image), we'll pull them, scan them and send them to you within 45 minutes regardless of where you are located in the United States.

There are several very strong advantages to utilizing this service:

  • Delivery will be guaranteed nationwide within 45 minutes of request.
  • Images will be available immediately for viewing saving the hospital expensive Radiologist reading time.
  • Saved in your hospital PAC system for future and continual viewing.
  • The film can be destroyed and the silver recovered, thus reducing storage costs.
  • There are usually no “Start up” costs associated with the conversion to digital.
  • By completely removing the film library from your grounds and eliminating the number of people involved it greatly assists you in your HIPAA compliance and reduces manpower expenses.
  • All transmissions are made via DICOM.
  • An on site film library would be unnecessary, providing increased floor area that can be converted into profitable health care service areas as opposed to having expensive, valuable real estate being used as a warehouse.
  • 24-hour emergency service, always available.
  • The most cost efficient method of storage and retrieval, lightning fast and safer than any courier service.

Remember, Mammograms need to be kept indefinitely.

Call Toll-free: 1-800-662-1687 Contact us and "Let Quirk Do The Work"

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